Puppets - 17

Paper Bag Puppets!

Today I have a fun craft project that one-year-olds through twelve-year-olds (and even adults!) will have fun with! Seriously...the girls and I have already made 7 puppets...on three different days. ...

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Play Time - 5

Quiet play time

Cadence was having a super grumpy morning, so she went down for a nap an hour earlier than usual. This allowed for a big chunk of mommy-Adelaide play time. Here is the little "town" we built. ...

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Pancakes - 5

Whole wheat oatmeal banana pancakes!

Cadence's favorite breakfast food, by far, is pancakes. Or anything bread-based really. She's such a picky eater—I constantly have to walk the line between feeding her something that she'll eat a lot ...

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Cinnamon Sweetness

All of our Labor Day weekend plans have been cancelled, thanks to a lovely head cold I caught a few days ago and shared with Adelaide. Plans to go to the beach, housewarming parties, play dates, all ...

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16 Books to read with dad!

Today I'm sharing some fun, color-your-own bookmarks and a list of my favorite books to read with dad on Yellow Bliss Road! Head over to Kristin's blog, and check out the awesome list of books ...

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Airplane Valentine - 09

Airplane Valentine

Adelaide's kindergarten Valentines turned out so cute! I'm excited to share them with you, along with the free printable bag topper, so you can make them too!     Supplies We ...

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